The Merry Widow: Synopsis, Character Map


The Merry Widow: Summary

Hanna Glawari is a widow who has inherited a millionaire’s fortune. If Hanna remarries a man from another country, her fortune will belong to him. Therefore, Baron Zeta wants her to remarry a man from his own country, especially Count Danilo.

Hanna had been a lover of Count Danilo before marrying the millionaire but had broken up with him when his uncle objected. Danilo still likes Hanna. He is stubborn because he does not want to be a money-grubber.

While Hanna and Danilo have a petty quarrel, Valencienne is having an affair with Camille. Hannah and Danilo’s romance goes well. Valencienne and Camille’s relationship remains a secret.

The Merry Widow: Character Map

The Merry Widow: Character Map
The Merry Widow: Character Map

The Merry Widow: Roles

Hanna Glawaria wealthy widowsoprano
Count Danilo DanilovitschHanna’s former lovertenor
ValencienneBaron Zeta’s wifesoprano
Baron Mirko Zetathe Ambassadorbaritone
CamilleCount de Rosillontenor
Njegusthe Embassy Secretaryspoken
KromowPontevedrin embassy counsellorbaritone
BogdanovitchPontevedrin consulbaritone
Raoul de St BriocheFrench diplomattenor
Vicomte CascadaLatin diplomatbaritone
  • Native title: Die lustige Witwe
  • Composers: Franz Lehár
  • Librettist: Viktor Léon, Leo Stein
  • Based on: L’attaché d’ambassade (The Embassy Attaché) by Henri Meilhac
  • Language: German
  • Premiere: December 30, 1905, Theater auf der Wieden, Vienna
  • Running time: 2 hours 20 minutes (Act 1: 50 minutes, Act 2: 60 minutes, Act 3: 30 minutes)